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On October 26, 2008, Helene Marilyn Cody passed away on her 16th birthday from a brain aneurysm. We should celebrate the 16 wonderful years Helene was on this earth. She touched so many people with her warmth and generosity. She was beloved by her family and many friends. She had such a giving personality that manifested itself in all the service work that she performed. She loved and excelled in her school work and running at Princeton High School. It is our hope that the warmth that Helene shared stay with all who have been touched by her. We will remember Helene for the rest of our lives.

Helene's legacy will be continued as she donated organs that will save the lives of many children, and through the work of the Helene Cody Founation.

Don't miss the fifth annual Helene Cody Cranbury 5K
to be held September , 2013!